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Webinar: Creating a Digital Thread for Surface Preparation

ieee-logo-2New high-performance materials and technologies are being implemented for higher strength, lighter weight, improved reliability and lower costs than ever before. These manufacturing techniques require more reliable coating, bonding, and cleaning processes, as well as flexibility to adopt new surface sensitive techniques like advanced coatings, adhesives and surface treatment processes.

These advancements create new challenges for manufacturers: environmental contamination, process variance, and poor performance in surface preparation steps.

Knowing what contaminants are threatening material surfaces and knowing how to digitally inspect for them is critical to building this thread. Actively controlling adhesion and cleaning processes through data streams brings businesses closer to zero-defect manufacturing and the factory of the future.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore strategies to build a digital thread throughout the entire product life cycle: from product development to manufacturing engineering and quality.
  • Learn how a digital thread reduces time to market, risk, and waste.
  • Discover quantitative contamination detection techniques.