Solve Complex Adhesion Problems in Automotive Manufacturing

Brighton Science boasts relationships with some of the world’s top automotive manufacturers and tier 1 and 2 suppliers. We help these companies gain control of advanced materials and processes to ensure their bonds can withstand the rigorous requirements of the industry. 

Common Automotive Applications

  • Set quantitative cleanliness specifications for RTV and FIPG sealing
  • Verify surface quality for metal and composite bonding
  • Validate polymer surfaces are optimally prepared for bonding, painting, or coating
  • Optimize washer systems by determining when washer fluid should be changed
  • Eliminate sealing failure for automotive headlights
  • Validate coatings on electronics and cabling
  • Develop surface cleanliness specifications for painting and priming
  • Establish a quantifiable surface specification for materials from suppliers
  • Understand the effects of aging and storage on surface quality
  • Develop exact treatment levels for plasma and flame treatment
  • Monitor surface cleanliness in battery manufacturing

Our Customers

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The Manufacturer’s Roadmap to
Eliminate Adhesion Issues in Production

Brighton Science is the global leader in surface intelligence.

With the surface data made readily accessible by our tools and the deep scientific and technical expertise of our team, you'll have access to an unprecedented level of insight and intel— giving you mission-critical decision information and a powerful competitive advantage. Tell us your goals or challenges and we can advise you on specific solutions you can put to work immediately or build into your optimization processes.