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Guaranteeing Anti-fog Coating Application on Automotive Headlights

The competitive nature of the automotive industry requires manufacturers to engineer the ideal product; failures, no matter how small, are unacceptable and can bring heavy consequences.

A particular problem that plagues automobiles is condensation collecting on the inside of headlights. High-performance vehicles must not only perform well mechanically but must also maintain an exceptional aesthetic. Water droplets condensing on the insides of headlights are unappealing and unacceptable to consumers.

In order to prevent that condensation, manufacturers use an invisible coating on the inside of polycarbonate headlight lenses called anti-fog.

This coating is applied via spray application which can be difficult and inconsistent due to several variables: low-energy mold releases left on the surface; environmental contaminants; contaminants from handling; uneven spray application; and incorrect coating solutions.

Knowing more about the surface of the headlight interior and the nature of the coating gives the manufacturer the understanding to optimize this coating process. By using the Surface Analyst to measure the cleanliness level of the surface before application, the user ensures that the coating will perform reliably.

Manufacturers can also measure the surface post application to ensure even coverage of the coating. Places like the edges tend to be uneven. The small tether head of the Surface Analyst allows the user to access difficult-to-reach locations and ensure even coverage.

anti fog coating on headlights

The Surface Analyst collects and stores each measurement and allows operators to measure across the surface of the headlight directly on the factory floor. Management can then examine the collected data. They then look at the standard deviation of the measurements to determine specific areas that are problematic and can guarantee overall uniformity of the coating application.

The Surface Analyst is giving manufacturers the innovation needed for faster development, a stronger product, and improved maintenance while also reducing defects and product liability due to warranty claims. 

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