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Adhesion Process Survey

Build the roadmap to fix your adhesion problems in manufacturing

Brighton Science's expert manufacturing process and materials scientists will execute an on-site survey of your current adhesion processes and issues. This survey will include a roadmap that your organization will use to solve adhesion failure and optimize surface critical processes. Typical examples of work may include:

  • Uncover and document the operation’s Critical Control Points where surface quality has the opportunity to change and impact adhesion
  • Document process steps and how the adhesion process is currently integrated into your overall manufacturing process
  • Investigate the root cause of a bonding, coating, painting, printing or cleaning issues
  • Baseline the surface quality of various material systems or substrates
  • Survey failed samples
  • Evaluation of surface treatment equipment (parts washers, plasma/flame/corona treatment, abrasion stations, etc.) and determine its impact on surface quality and cleanliness
  • Assessment of adhesive/coating application equipment
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