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Manufacturing Process Improvement

Elevate your quality standards.

Recalls, scrap and new product delays stem from production and supply chain surprises. Brighton Science offers services that bring more control and oversight to your manufacturing processes to improve consistency and reduce waste and errors.


Adhesion Process Optimization

Save time and money by working with Brighton Science to optimize your adhesion process for continuous improvement. Baseline the performance of surface preparation processes, qualify or optimize surface treatment systems, and optimize adhesive bond processes.


Adhesion Process Walk

Taking this walk is the first step to understanding and controlling adhesion. Let Brighton Science walk your production line to identify your Critical Control Points: anywhere in your production process where the surface condition has the opportunity to change, intentionally or not, and impact adhesion.


A Day in Brighton Science's Surface Lab

Join our adhesion experts for a day in our Surface Lab where your personnel will be coached on all things surface science relevant to your application. Learn surface preparation best practices and gain critical surface insights on your specific material system.

Brighton Science is the global leader in surface intelligence.

Tell us your goals or challenges and we can advise you on specific solutions you can put to work immediately or build into your optimization processes.

What could this mean for you?