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Infographic: The Surface Analyst vs. Water Break Tests and Dyne Ink

In manufacturing there exist critical surface preparation process requirements to ensure products are safe and reliable. There are some legacy tests to determine if these requirements are being met and that the cleaning has been sufficient to ensure strong adhesion for coating, bonding, sealing, printing or painting. This infographic compares the Surface Analyst's approach with a couple common surface preparation methods used in manufacturing across many industries. Dyne ink/solutions and water break tests are legacy inspection methods that rely on subjective evaluation, unrepeatable procedures and many other weaknesses that render these tests unreliable.


The Surface Analyst accurately measures and monitors surface sensitive processes. Consequently, the Surface Analyst produces quantitative results on a highly precise level to assist in the required specification involved in manufacturing.

Learn how you can control surface quality in your cleaning and adhesion processes to enable high-performance adhesion by downloading the eBook and step-by-step guide: "Checklist: Adhesion Failure Root-Cause Analysis for Manufacturers."

Checklist: Adhesion Failure Root-Cause Analysis for Manufacturers