How to Increase Electronics Manufacturing Quality Through Cleanliness

How to Increase Electronics Manufacturing Quality Through Cleanliness

Successful electronics manufacturing hinges upon control of surfaces and interfaces between dissimilar materials in more ways than many people realize. Modern electronics must perform in harsh conditions, and components need to be manufactured to prevent the destructive intrusion of moisture, dust particles and other injurious substances that can electrically degrade the components and interconnects.

 The initial adhesion of coatings and structural bonds, as well as the durability of these components depends intimately on the chemical state of the surface immediately prior to application. Better manufacturing
is enabled when the processes that establish the chemical properties of the surfaces are understood and controlled.

In this eBook, we cover the following topics:

  • Common coatings and adhesives utilized in electronics assemblies
  • Orange peel, Fish Eyes, De-wetting, and other forms of organic contamination that can lead to circuit board failure
  • Pitfalls that result from a lack of full adhesion process control

Gain insight into our approach and how our research has resulted in a truly unique solution comprised of products and services.

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