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Announcing the Infinity Surface Cleaning Intelligence Program: A Collaboration Between Brighton Science and Hubbard-Hall

Combined service offering provides manufacturers with the latest innovations in surface preparation.

Brighton Science has announced a strategic initiative to help expand Hubbard-Hall’s
services and accelerate the speed at which their customers can innovate. Launched in July of 2022, the
companies offer a service that combines Brighton Science’s technologies and materials science expertise
alongside Hubbard-Hall’s chemistry and cleaning knowledge, titled the Infinity Surface Cleaning
Intelligence Program.

Combining both Brighton Science and Hubbard-Hall's strengths, the goals of this collective service
offering is to solve, prevent, and control the variables and risks manufacturers face when preparing
surfaces for bonding and adhesion. Through this program, customers can ensure that critical cleaning
processes are predictable, data-driven, and enable innovation to match customers’ ever-changing
surface cleanliness needs.

Rethink your adhesion manufacturing processes with Surface Intelligence.

"We are delighted to be teaming up with Hubbard-Hall to help their customers better understand and
control their processes. The combination of science and service leads to better customer performance
and outcomes."

Andrew Reeher, Chief Executive Officer of Brighton Science

There are two versions of the Infinity Surface Cleaning Intelligence Program. The first is the Infinity
Brighton Specification Package—a proactive solution meant for those who have yet to invest in a critical
cleaning line. Brighton Science will provide a set of cleaning specification parameters to be measured by
their Surface Analyst technologies. With those parameters defined, customers will have access to
material science PhD-level consultants to Solve, Prevent and Control critical surface cleaning challenges,
improve value engineering, and optimize the cleaning process.

The second version of the program, the Infinity Optimizer Package, focuses on optimizing and innovating an existing cleaning process through consultations with Hubbard-Hall and Brighton Science experts. The
conversations will center around value engineering and how it can positively affect your cleaning
process and establish process specifications.

"We want to help our customers use less chemistry. By partnering with Brighton Science, we can use
their technology to validate cleanliness and help our customers achieve better control and predictability
around cleaning. The goal is to finally bring scientific control to high value cleaning operations."

Molly Kellogg, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hubbard-Hall

The Infinity Surface Cleaning Intelligence Program will help a variety of suppliers, manufacturing
engineers, and management teams by mitigating risk through surface cleanliness checks as well as
locating bonding and adhesion mistakes as they happen — instead of when it is too late. This helps keep
faulty products from ever reaching customers, helping avoid customer and brand reputation damage as
well as the potential for monetary repercussions for the companies involved.

Company Descriptions:

Brighton Science designs high-precision instruments that bring unprecedented visibility to surfaces of all
kinds. We live at the interface of materials, where surface quality and integrity can make or break a
product — or a company. We are the global experts in surface intelligence: bringing insight to game-changing R&D efforts and mission-critical decisions for the most visionary and demanding
manufacturers in the world.

Hubbard-Hall Inc., a family-run business for six generations, specializes in complex surface finishing and
wastewater treatment problems, all while providing unbiased cleaning recommendations with the help
of their specialty line of chemical cleaning products. The combination of supplier and quality control team
has partnered with Brighton Science, the global leader in surface intelligence, with its own family at the
core, to integrate cleaning control processes at all levels of the product lifecycle.

Struggling with adhesion failures? Been there. Solved that.