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Brighton Science Announces the Completion of the First Lab Network Solution in BConnect for Surface Intelligence


Brighton Science, a leading innovator in surface analysis technology, is proud to announce the completion of its groundbreaking BConnect Lab Network Solution. This cutting-edge tool suite empowers customer experts to diagnose and resolve surface bonding problems remotely, ensuring faster and more efficient solutions.

Built around Brighton Science's proven and patented Surface Analyst technology, BConnect, launched on April 18, 2023. is a cloud-based solution that combines hardware and software to eliminate calibration downtime. With a subscription-based service model, BConnect ensures that software engineers and data scientists continually enhance its capabilities, keeping users up-to-date with the latest version. 

Today, Brighton Science is thrilled to announce the milestone achievement of the "Projects" feature set in the Lab Network offering, making it "feature complete." This comprehensive set of tools marks a significant step towards completing the Lab Network feature. 

The "Projects" feature set empowers users to create service projects, define testing parameters, and enroll specialists in various fields such as process engineering, plant management, quality, and the lab. By enrolling specialists, users access an ultimate collaboration network that provides complete visibility into the data collected at the point of failure. 

With this breakthrough Projects feature set, users are enabled to diagnose, resolve, and document issues efficiently. The Projects Lab Network's robust capabilities allow users to understand what happened during a project, identify the necessary steps to rectify the problem, and document the entire process. This comprehensive set of tools allows users to create a service project, define testing parameters, and enroll specialists in process engineering, plant management, quality, and the lab. Once enrolled, users have an ultimate collaboration network that enables complete visibility into the data that is being collected at the point of failure to diagnose, resolve, and document what happened and what steps were needed to correct the problem. 

Unlike traditional systems that require shipping parts to the lab and exchanging information via email, BConnect collects critical data locally using the BC Mobile instrument. This data can then be compared to the control, and specialists from across the organization can contribute their insights and documentation. Once the project is closed, all participants have access to the resolution, and the information can be shared with other locations to prevent future problems. BConnect offers organizations a valuable resource where experts can work together and obtain essential information related to surface quality. With BConnect, users can access a comprehensive knowledge base, fostering collaboration and facilitating the retrieval of critical data. 

Lucas Dillingham, Global Applications Director at Brighton Science, emphasized the value of the software as a Service (SaaS) model in manufacturing, stating, "By focusing on utilization, we help experts share their knowledge more efficiently and build their companies' surface intelligence network." 

With over 20 years of experience revolutionizing business processes through SaaS, Brighton Science is poised to transform surface control in manufacturing. By combining advanced surface analysis instrumentation with a seamless Lab Network business process, BConnect offers enhanced productivity, reduced costs, minimal downtime, and superior quality. 

Andy Reeher, CEO of Brighton Science, expressed his excitement, saying, "Surface control is a new dimension of productivity for manufacturers. With BConnect, diagnosis, and monitoring are combined into a powerful tool for continuous improvement and new product development." 

For more information, please contact media@brighton-science.com 

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