Service Subscription Definitions


Brighton Science now offers a new Service Subscription that will make it easier to regularly maintain your instrument, avoid any downtime, and enhance your surface intelligence program. With a streamlined and auto-renewing process, this convenient subscription gives you the ability to schedule and send in your instrument for calibration at a time that’s most convenient for your business. After your annual calibration, you will receive a free water cartridge and 25 Performance Check Surface Cards. This newly extended warranty for both hardware and software in your device will also cover you in case of accidental damage. Enhanced calibrations are also available in select/tiered packages.


“Annual Calibration”: Each subscription includes one scheduled calibration throughout the term.  This “calibration date” shall be scheduled at the beginning of the service subscription term based on the organization’s requirements.   

  • Instrument’s drop mass is verified for accuracy using numerous depositions and a balance 
  • Contact angle is calibrated against an NIST traceable benchtop goniometer
  • Instrument is opened and all parts inspected: - tubing, water line, camera, pneumatic line, battery, valve
  • Small hardware improvements/upgrades
  • Firmware and software are verified and updated (as required)
  • 1 new water cartridge inserted into instrument during calibration
  • 1 pack of 25 performance check surface (PCS) cards
  • Return shipping of device (excluding any customs, duties, and tariffs.)

“Full Web and Telephone Support”: Brighton Science business hours are Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm Eastern Time.  We typically respond to inquiries within 8 business hours.  Support is available via e-mail ( and telephone (513-469-1800 Option 1).  

“Material Profile Updates”: If included in the package, as changes to your process or material occur, the Brighton Science team will help adjust or recreate your instrument profiles to optimize the Surface Analyst image detection. 

“Software Updates”: Each instrument is updated to the latest software version, unless otherwise specified.  The latest software version and software release notes are available on the Brighton Science Customer Hub. 

“Calibration Service Priority”:  Our service team will prioritize the calibration queue based on the level of service subscription. Speed of turnaround is a target, not a guarantee. Complexity of the calibration, number of profiles, and other factors can affect timing. This pertains to instruments calibrated at our service center. 

  • Bronze: Normal – 5-7 business day target 
  • Silver: Priority – 3-5 business day target 
  • Gold: Highest Priority – 1-2 business day target 

“Multiple Drop Size in Profiles Calibration”:  An instrument is always calibrated with the default drop size specified for the instrument.  Instruments will also be calibrated with smaller drop sizes if specific surface profiles were developed for the customer’s instrument(s). Each plan includes different numbers of drop size configurations for calibration: 

  • Bronze: 1  
  • Silver: up to 2
  • Gold: up to 5

“Emergency Loaners”:  If a customer’s instrument has an unscheduled hardware failure and requires mail in service, a loaner instrument will be provided using models and profiles that match our customer’s model and hardware. Drop sizes for profiles available to Brighton Techs, and typically used, will be calibrated on the loaner instrument.  

“Warranty Hardware Coverage”:  Throughout the Service Subscription term, each instrument is covered by a hardware warranty for hardware malfunctions/defects.  

“Additional Standards Compliance” If requested and included in the service package (Silver and Gold), instruments can have a Z540.3 compliant calibration. 

“Enhance Calibration Option”: For processes with critical control points that require a multipoint calibration, an instrument will be calibrated across four different contact angles to provide a multi-point calibration.  Service included in the Gold package only.   

“Recorded Operator Training Content”: Includes video and documented content on our instruments, including the science, how to update, how an operator should use, etc. This content is available on the Brighton Science Customer Hub. Benefit available on all levels of service.   

“Instrument Management and Service Notifications”: As the annual calibration date approaches, Brighton Science will send out a notification to your Service Contact associated with the instrument to notify them about the scheduled calibration date.  Proactive service and instrument health notifications will also be sent to the Service Contact associated with the instrument. Benefit available on all levels of service.   

Term and Renewal: Unless Brighton Science is notified in writing at least 30 days prior to the last day of the current subscription Term (the “Extension Date”), the subscription will automatically extend for a period equal to the length of the initial term or one year, whichever is longer. In the event that the term is extended under this paragraph: (1) customer shall remain subscribed during such period of extension to the services to which it was subscribed as of the Extension Date, and (2) the subscription fees to be paid to Brighton Science for such services during such period of extension shall be equal to the published subscription fee applicable to the service level the customer was subscribed as of the Extension Date. Brighton Science reserves the right to modify the fees associated with the service upon renewal with 60 days notice to customer. Subscription fees for the period of extension hereunder shall be due upon extension of the term and shall be payable as invoiced.  

Change Notice: Brighton Science reserves the right to make changes to its service packages without prior notice. If these changes result in a material degradation to the capacity, accessibility, or available functionality of the service(s), you may, as your sole remedy, terminate the affected service(s) providing you notify Brighton Science of the material degradation of service, and it is not cured within 30 days of notification.  Your subscription fees will be reimbursed on a pro rata basis from the date of notification to the end of the current subscription term. 

Termination by Customer: If customer believes a material breach of this subscription agreement by Brighton Science has occurred, the customer is required to notify Brighton Science in writing within three (3) business days of the breach.  If the breach is not remedied within twenty-one (21) days, the customer may terminate the subscription with no further obligation to Brighton Science.  Prepaid fess will be reimbursed on a pro rata basis from the date of the notification of the breach to the end of the subscription term. 

Termination by Brighton Science: If this subscription is terminated by Brighton Science due to an uncured material breach by customer, all subscription fees paid and payable to Brighton Science shall be considered to be fully earned by Brighton Science and customer shall immediately pay any amounts outstanding. 

The Service Subscription Definitions are governed by the Brighton Science Terms and Conditions found here and here: 

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