New Product Development

Build adhesion & coating reliability into your processes from the ground up.

We partner with manufacturers developing new products or processes to proactively ensure successful bonding, sealing, coating, printing, painting or cleaning.

Common services include:

  • Screen materials to ensure material system compatibility
  • Review of conceptual adhesion process and identification of Critical Control Points where adhesion issues may occur, starting with setting specifications for incoming materials
  • Determine the required surface characteristics at each Critical Control Point by establishing the required cleanliness number
  • Establish pass/fail numbers at each Critical Control Point using the Surface Analyst
  • Specify the appropriate surface preparation process for the material system, i.e. plasma treatment, abrasion, etching, etc.
  • Develop Experimental Test Plan (DOE)
  • Analyze bond strength of dissimilar materials
  • Implement commissioning and qualification

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