Take the Adhesion Survey

Fill out our survey to get a better understanding of how well your company is managing your adhesion process. We will email your score to you when you complete and submit your answers.


Have you ever experienced challenges with cleaning, painting, bonding, printing, or coating that involve adhering materials together?
How long have these problems persisted?
What have you done to fix your cleaning or adhesion issues
When you implemented the added steps to address your adhesion or cleaning issue, did that resolve your problem?
Which of these adhesion or cleaning issues has had the most negative impact on your business?
How are you measuring surface quality during production?
Do you have Materials Scientists/Chemists on staff or easy access to Materials Science expertise to provide research and make recommendations to address adhesion and surface cleaning issues?
Do you feel your company has sufficient understanding of what it takes to guarantee proper surface cleanliness or adhesion?

Thank you for taking the test. If you have never experienced challenges with adhesion issues you are doing better than most. If not, then there are many steps you can take to improve adhesion and manufacturing quality. Contact us to learn how.