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Benefits of The Surface Analyst

Rather than simply translating traditional laboratory surface inspection technology, Brighton Science has developed a whole new approach to measuring surface quality. Brighton Science's Surface Analyst technology is built with the needs of the manufacturer in mind: it solves real surface quality problems using carefully chosen features to provide the fastest, most reliable surface quality measurements.

Our measurement technology has three unique traits that provide the information necessary to achieve success in the control of surface properties. These traits are:

  • Ballistic Deposition of the liquid
  • A top-down Videoscope
  • Use of a single probe liquid for surface inspection

Ballistic Deposition is our unique method of building a drop on the inspection surface by shooting a series of microdroplets down, allowing for total control over the volume and size of the drop.

Our Videoscope is a sophisticated top-down vision system that is embedded within the inspection head that captures the required information for the software to make its measurements within two seconds.

Using a single probe fluid, as opposed to multiple fluids, gives precise data about the particular characteristics that have a critical impact on adhesion.

Watch the video to gain more insight.


Revolutionize Your Manufacturing with Surface Quality Inspection Technology.