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Webinar: Maximize Adhesion Reliability by Controlling Variables in Surface Cleanliness and Preparation Processes

todays-medical-developments-tmd-logo-blogPreparation of surfaces for adhesion includes processes like solvent or aqueous cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, and plasma treatment. These can be very effective if implemented with proper process control feedback. 

However, recent experience has revealed that processes that were successfully demonstrated in a materials and process laboratory don’t always translate into reliable and repeatable processes in manufacturing. Root cause analysis has shown that this usually stems directly from a lack of knowledge of all of the variables that can affect the success of a surface preparation process.

Process variables that are not identified cannot be measured and controlled.

This webinar presents:

  1. Surface sensitive inspections
  2. A definition of cleanliness for critical applications
  3. A look at variables in medical device surface preparations
  4. How awareness of these variables permits the implementation of simple process control steps that significantly increase bond reliability

Rethink your adhesion manufacturing processes with Surface Intelligence.