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Webinar: Automated and Reliable Approach to Monitor the Surfaces of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers Prior to Bonding for Successful Adhesion

In this webinar, Lucas Dillingham, Global Applications Director at Brighton Science, discusses the different surface treatments on unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced polyether ether ketone ( PEEK ) composite surfaces, and the importance of achieving the desired adhesion for manufacturing and repair of PEEK components. We'll cover the impact of surface treatments like solvent wipe, abrasion, and plasma on bonding PEEK, unveiling the power of automated water contact angle ( WCA ) mapping to ensure bond integrity. Join us to learn key strategies for optimizing PEEK surface preparation and how these treatments are vital for robust manufacturing and repair processes across industries.

 Topics in this webinar will include:
  • Critical role of surface treatment in enhancing the bonding of carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP).
  • Impact of surface cleanliness and preparation on bond performance.
  • Advantages of using automated WCA mapping for assessing surface readiness.
  • Integration of WCA measurements as a quality control step in manufacturing. Ensuring surface homogeneity is vital for the success of adhesion of composite thermoplastics.

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