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Webinar: Guide to Controlling Non-Obvious Variables Using Predictive Analytics

plastics today logo 2Many assembly processes involving polymers, such as bonding, coating or printing, are vulnerable to failures. Failures happen due to a lack of control of non-obvious variables which directly affect the outcomes of these processes. Knowing what contaminants threaten polymer adhesion strength and reliability and knowing where they originate (such as a substance migrating from the bulk polymer material to the surface) is crucial to putting process controls in place. These controls mitigate risk, reduce production costs and optimize treatment processes. Predictive analytics through real-time quantitative surface quality measurements give manufacturers actionable data. This monitors machine health and results in measurable cost reductions. This webinar will include techniques and solutions for overcoming problems caused by unchecked variables, as well as strategies to control these variables starting at the process development stage.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • Identification of specific, common and non-obvious contaminants
  • Remediation strategies through effectiveness evaluation of plasma treatments and other surface preparation techniques
  • Understanding of quantitative contamination detection methods

Rethink your adhesion manufacturing processes with Surface Intelligence.