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Webinar: Shifting from Dyne Solutions to Contact Angle Measurements

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Webinar: Shifting from Dyne Solutions to Contact Angle Measurements

For years, dyne solutions have been the industry standard for measuring surface treatment and cleanliness levels. Despite the known limitations of dyne testing to discriminating users, there has never been a practical alternative... until now.

While dyne inks can frequently provide an indication of treatment level, the sensitivity, repeatability, and accuracy of the results are highly dependent on human and material variables.An objective, quantitative alternative to dyne solutions is contact angle measurements.

In this webinar, Brighton Science's founder, Giles Dillingham, Ph.D., will discuss the principles of surface measurement via dyne solutions and contact angles. He will explore a detailed comparison of each technique and present examples of correlations between dyne solution and contact angle measurements to treatment level, surface chemical composition, and the adhesion performance of inks, coatings, and adhesives.

Dr. Dillingham will introduce innovative tools crafted for portable use and automated monitoring on the production floor.

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