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Webinar: The New Frontier in Inspection-Surface Intelligence

Manufacturers today struggle with intermittent failures around cleaning, coating, welding and bonding operations. These challenges lead to issues with supply chain robustness, warranty risks, damage to brand image, dissatisfied customers, and frustrated employees. 

This discussion will explore advanced inspection technologies, new methodologies, and expertise that are allowing manufacturers to implement a new type of data across every aspect of their operation—surface intelligence. Join us to learn how surface intelligence data will properly equip your R&D efforts, align your supply chain, guarantee mission-critical decisions and enable breakthrough innovation. 

As part of the talk, Brighton Science, Abaris, and AeroDef will delve into real-world case studies that demonstrate how manufacturers were able to remedy long-standing issues and unlock breakthrough performance in a variety of areas by leveraging surface intelligence data.


Optimize the power of next-gen connectivity with data & surface intelligence.