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The Thought Behind our New Brighton Academy

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The Thought Behind our New Brighton Academy

Over the past decade, we have been told that our science is the cornerstone of our customer relationships. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or just recently joined the BConnect community, during your journey with us, we’ve likely shared our scientific insights with you. This may have occurred during the sales process, perhaps in a webinar or even through research we presented at an academic conference. The fact is that surface management is still a surprisingly young field.

Manufacturers have understood the connection between surface preparation and outcome for as long as people have tried to bond two materials together. However, a confluence of trends over the past decade has highlighted how human choices can determine success or failure.

The first is continuous advances in materials science. This long trend goes back to the beginning of plastics but has accelerated as global competition has raised the stakes on innovation. Making things smaller, lighter, and stronger has rewarded companies to innovate in everything from air pods to touchscreens to running shoes. Companies are applying technology once limited to the space program in building better chainsaws!

At the same time, the environmental imperative means learning to work with recycled materials, use less energy, and work with less aggressive materials that require a tighter error margin.

In short, the demand for extremely detailed and tolerant process definitions, as well as awareness of the broad options on emerging materials selection, are competitive advantages in a highly competitive world.

At Brighton Science, we experience this every day. Our webinars on materials science consistently generate significant interest, with high demand for our scientists to lead educational sessions at some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing companies. And, of course, when customers approach us to purchase our Surface Analyst tools, our team of Applications Directors, Support Team, and Scientists frequently help customers identify unexpected root causes for the issues they initially contacted us about. That exciting discovery with our customers is what gets our team excited about their work every day. It is why Giles Dillingham founded the company and why we do what we do.

Since the company was founded, Giles's exceptional teaching skills and the cutting-edge nature of the work of our earliest customers have culminated in an extensive library of content. Our vast collection of documents, presentations, and studies have played a crucial role in educating our customers and have significantly contributed to important advancements and breakthroughs in manufacturing new products.

Over the past two years, we have been thinking about how to best share that information with our customers. How do we make it efficient to share something with you that is tailored to your needs? We wanted to build on our very popular blog series. A year ago, we introduced the Brighton Customer Hub and the Brighton Bulletin, and we increased the technical nature of our webinar series.

Now that we have introduced BConnect, we have a service that will continuously improve as our customers use it. By design, customers will be adding new users and locations to their networks, and those users need to be educated about the basics of materials as they join. As we add new features to BConnect that are based on the new science of Artificial Intelligence, we need to explain the principles to our most advanced users. Our old communication model wasn’t going to be enough.

Optimize the power of next-gen connectivity with data & surface intelligence.

That is why we are launching the Brighton Academy. Our Learning Management System enables us to tailor educational content according to individual interests and needs. Initially, we’ll be focusing on a selection of papers, articles, and presentations, introducing “Learning Paths” for new users and suggesting courses based on those interests, their company, and their role.

In the coming weeks, all customers will have access to Brighton Academy, and you can access it with your Brighton ID. If you haven’t already, we invite you to share your interests and role with us. Based on that information, we’ll offer course recommendations tailored to your needs. Additionally, you’ll have the freedom to explore the Academy by searching for topics that pique your interest. In the coming months, we’ll continue to expand our library, including previously unavailable resources. Our aim is to foster innovation and enhance productivity by addressing a wide spectrum of factors spanning from science and engineering to effective management.

You don’t have to be on BConnect to access Brighton Academy. If you are using one of our legacy models, such as the 5001, 3001, or one of our automated solutions, you’ll still be able to discover tailored content for your needs designed specifically for those platforms. Simply create your Brighton ID and provide us with some insights into your areas of interest.

Even if you’re not currently a customer, we aren’t leaving you out. You’ll still have access to a great deal of our most popular content in the “Insights” section of our website. Our blog will remain active, and we’ve transitioned our Knowledge Base content to Brighton Academy. As part of this transition, we’ll be phasing out the Brighton Bulletin in favor of this more personalized form of communication.

We are focused on building a community revolving around Surface Intelligence. There is science in it for sure, but the root of progress is in the application of that science by humans. Empowering individuals to manage their surfaces through data effectively involves reaching a diverse audience, from technicians on production lines measuring quality to product development teams to plant managers. Our goal is to tailor this education for maximum efficiency and impact within your organization. When you visit Brighton Academy, you’ll see our vision in action.

As we expand what we publish and learn more about what you find useful, we think it will become a catalyst for customers to apply our tools and knowledge to their knowledge and situation. It is an inspiring mission for all of us, and we hope it demonstrates our ongoing commitment to your success.

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