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Brighton Science Unveils Brighton Process Monitor: Revolutionizing Surface Readiness in Production

Brighton Science is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation for BConnect – a new solution poised to revolutionize quality management.   

Andy Reeher, CEO of Brighton Science, expressed one of the significant benefits BConnect subscribers gain, "When BConnect customers began to see the power of the network, they immediately wanted to discuss using these connected devices in their manufacturing process to make water contact angle a KPI for their Quality Programs. Today, we delivered our first version of that application. 

Meet Brighton Process Monitor, the latest addition to BConnect, a game-changer for quality teams. Leveraging Brighton Science's 30 years of expertise in surface analysis technology, this new capability enables businesses to manage their surfaces seamlessly. By pinpointing Critical Control Points (CCPs) in the manufacturing process, quality teams can focus on taking surface quality readings to ensure optimal product output. With Brighton Process Monitor, companies can track standards, uphold quality, and minimize costs. 

Unmatched Surface Readiness Insights

Imagine a world where surface readiness is no longer a guessing game but a precise, data-driven metric. Brighton Process Monitor makes this vision a reality by providing:  

  • Real-Time Surface Analysis: Gain instant insights into surface readiness, adhesion strength, and other critical parameters.
  • A Connected Experience: Easily access critical surface readiness data at different production lines and across global facilities.  

  • Automated Data Capture: Eliminate manual data collection and human error with automated measurements across your organization's Critical Control Points.

  • Web-Based Tools: Quality Teams and Support Organizations can define specifications, deploy testing protocols, and continuously monitor them in production to create their own "Surface Intelligence Network."  

  • Lower Cost of Ownership: Unlock continuous process optimization with Brighton Process Monitor. Its innovative subscription model ensures a lower cost of ownership while your organization benefits from zero downtime, immediate insights, and ongoing improvement to the platform. 

  • Advanced Cloud Infrastructure & Seamless Integration: We deliver services securely by leveraging the latest data science to deliver new insights. The solution's open APIs enable seamless integration with a company's existing platforms, allowing data from BConnect to stream directly into the organization's systems. 

Unequaled Benefits for All Production Scales

Whether you're a high-volume manufacturer or a lower-volume, manual assembly operation, Brighton Process Monitor empowers your organization to: 

  • Guarantee Consistent Quality: Eliminate common variability caused by human errors and ensure every product meets your exact standards.  

  • Streamline Production: Make informed decisions based on real-time data, minimizing downtime and rework.  

  • Empower your Team: Equip operators with intelligent tools and insights that enable them to excel. 
  • Unleash Operational Profits: By leveraging the Surface Intelligence Networks provided by Brighton Science, companies can gain a competitive edge through lower costs, faster reaction times, and increased confidence in achieving their production targets. This integrated approach empowers businesses to unlock operational profits by enhancing processes and assuring product quality. 

A New Area of Opportunity: Surface Readiness as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Brighton Process Monitor recognizes surface readiness's critical role in overall product quality. That's why it seamlessly integrates with existing quality programs, allowing you to:

  • Define Surface Readiness as a KPI: Track and trace progress and measure success against defined goals. 

  • Gain Deeper Production Process Insights: Identify areas for improvement and optimization across plant locations and production lines.

  • Demonstrate Compliance & Reduce Costs: By measuring surface readiness, Brighton's sensors enable predictable bond quality, empowering companies to comply with and maintain quality standards while simultaneously reducing costs in the production process.

  • Real-Time Visibility into Actionable Data: Brighton Process Monitor combines flexible hand-held sensors with a cloud-based monitoring system, providing teams with real-time visibility into surface readiness. Unlike traditional methods such as dyne inks or delicate lab tools, Brighton's solution generates actionable data, enabling quality teams, plant managers, and shift supervisors to detect any deviations beyond specifications that could lead to product failure.  

Unlocking a Future of Unrivaled Quality Control  

Brighton Process Monitor represents a quantum leap in surface readiness monitoring. Its data-driven approach empowers improved quality, boosted production efficiency, and optimized workflows across the board.  

Join Brighton Science on the journey to a future of unparalleled production quality. Experience the transformative power of Brighton Process Monitor and witness the evolution of surface readiness. 

Embrace Brighton Process Monitor: the future of quality control.  

Uncover New Levels of Quality & Efficiency in Your Manufacturing Organization

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