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Brighton Science to Showcase Surface Preparation Strategies for Adhesive Bonding of Composite Materials at 2023 CAMX Expo

Brighton Science, a renowned leader in Surface Intelligence, has announced its participation in the upcoming 2023 CAMX Expo, to be held in Atlanta, Georgia from October 28 to November 2, 2023. The company will be prominently featured at booth #GG59, offering attendees a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge advancements in surface science and surface preparation techniques for adhesive bonding of composite materials.

Distinguished experts from Brighton Science, including Dr. Sanzida Sultana, and Joann Hillman, are set to lead an engaging and informative 3-hour session titled "Surface Preparation Strategies for Adhesive Bonding of Composite Materials." This session aims to delve into the science and engineering behind achieving optimal adhesive bonding to composite materials, an essential aspect of modern engineering and manufacturing.

Composite materials have gained significant traction across industries due to their lightweight and robust nature. However, effective utilization of composite materials requires adhesive bonding, and effectively bonding to these materials necessitates meticulous control over surface chemistry and structure. The session will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental characteristics of a suitably prepared bond surface. It will also explain the varying attributes of surface preparation techniques, such as abrasion, plasma treatment, and laser ablation.

"We are thrilled to share our expertise and insights at the 2023 CAMX Expo," expressed Dr. Giles Dillingham, Chief Scientist at Brighton Science. "Adhesive bonding of composite materials is a critical aspect of many industries, from aerospace to automotive. Our goal is to equip attendees with the knowledge they need to optimize their processes and achieve exceptional bonding results."

Brighton Science's pioneering contributions to Surface Intelligence have positioned the company as a global leader in the field. Their presence at the CAMX Expo promises to be an educational and enlightening experience for attendees seeking to enhance their understanding of surface preparation and adhesion strategies.

The CAMX Expo, an annual event focused on the latest developments in composites and advanced materials, will serve as an ideal platform for Brighton Science to interact with professionals and enthusiasts from various industries. Participants will have the chance to engage in insightful discussions, explore innovative technologies, and gain a deeper appreciation for the significance of surface preparation in achieving robust adhesive bonds for composite materials.

For those interested in attending the event and participating in Brighton Science's informative session, registration details and further information can be found on the official CAMX Expo website. Use code 119932 to receive complimentary registration!