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Brighton Science Featured in Products Finishing: 'Ask the Expert'

Brighton Science's Sales Manager, Lucas Dillingham was featured in a recent edition of Products Finishing's "Ask the Expert," where he offers insights for consistent and successful adhesion of coatings. 

Products Finishing (Q):
We are having inconsistent results with the adhesion of liquid coatings. What are some steps to take to ensure consistent and quality results?

Lucas Dillingham (A):
Certainty is the goal of every manufacturing process. Manufacturers need to have total confidence that every aspect of their production process will go according to plan. The adhesion process needs to be controlled just like any other production operation, with accuracy and ongoing monitoring. Manufacturers need to know that when they apply an adhesive, coating, paint, ink or any other surface treatment, it will stick every single time.Read Dillingham's Answer Here

To learn how you can leverage surface intelligence to gain consistent coating results, read the eBook, "Brighton Science's Guide to Adhesion Science for Flawless Manufacturing."

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