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Measuring Surface Readiness for Adhesion: A Podcast with Brighton Science and Composites Weekly

Lucas Dillingham of Brighton Science joined Jonathan Taylor from Composites Weekly on a podcast discussing innovative technology for measuring the surface readiness of parts for adhesion. 

Manufacturers in every sector are incorporating promising new processes and materials into product development and production, which often involve coating, sealing, and bonding. 

Because these molecular interactions are invisible, a host of unseen environmental conditions can compromise surface integrity during production, leading to costly flaws and breakdowns. 

On this episode, Lucas Dillingham of Brighton Science joins the podcast to highlight their company’s technology – a system that allows manufacturers to confidently assess the surface readiness for bonding, coating, or sealing at the point of preparation.

Listen to the full podcast here: Discussing Brighton Science’s Innovative Technology for Measuring The Surface Readiness of Parts for Adhesion.

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