Surface Science for Reliable Manufacturing

The first two molecular layers of a material surface hold information about the quality of your current adhesion process, but these layers can’t be seen. So how do manufacturers begin to approach the problem of surface quality control?

The 3 Requirements for Effective Adhesion

Properly diagnosing your adhesion issue begins by understanding what is required for successful adhesion. It all comes down to controlling three things:

  1. The composition of the adhesive
  2. The application and curing process
  3. The quality of the bond surface

The quality of the bond surface is the least understood and managed in manufacturing. Without control, surface quality varies greatly, creating unexpected adhesion failures.

Understanding the science behind reliable bonds and implementing Surface Intelligence ensures reliable results.


The Advanced Guide to Transforming Product Development Through Surface Intelligence Data & Technology

Leverage Surface Intelligence
to Solve Invisible Problems

Since these molecular interactions are invisible, numerous undetected environmental factors and unintentional human decisions can undermine surface quality during manufacturing, resulting in expensive defects and failures.

Brighton Science enables you to reliably evaluate surface readiness for bonding, coating, or sealing at the point of preparation. In contrast to lab-restricted systems, our tools gather and disseminate data throughout processes and roles, providing unparalleled transparency and understanding of actual adhesion, manufacturing, product advancement, and supply chain obstacles.

Our approach enables you to foresee molecular interactions on your material surfaces that influence adhesion. 

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