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Webinar: Guaranteeing Cleaning Success in Manufacturing, Controlling your Surface with the Surface Analyst

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This webinar delves into the challenges manufacturers face when establishing a bond.

The success of  printing, painting, sealing, or coating relies on the ability to control the bond surface. BTG Labs' Surface Analyst uses contact angle measurements to provide insight into the cleanliness level of a surface.

This shows the manufacturer how prepared a surface is for bonding.

The Webinar Answers these 4 Questions about Optimizing the Bonding Process:

  1. Why it’s important to know the condition (contact angle) of incoming material, whether it’s from a supplier or out of a parts washer.
  2. Why it’s necessary to know how your material responds to processing, i.e. plasma, etc.? Is the in-place processing treatment actually cleaning your product’s surface like it should?
  3. How long does the processing treatment last until it is no longer effective?
  4. What is the appropriate contact angle to guarantee performance
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