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Recall Mystery: What Causes Wind Turbines to Wilt Like a Daisy?

Let's paint the following picture: You're driving down a highway in Ohio (bear with us), and you look out the window and see a field coming up. It's not a corn or wheat field; its contents stretch much taller. As you drive closer, you see that the field is populated with hundreds of wind turbines, one of which has wilted like a daisy.

But why does this happen?

Manufacturers tend to neglect the surface quality before fastening the blades together. Founder and Chief Scientist at Brighton Science, Giles Dillingham, Ph.D., discusses this common problem in our latest video, Recall Mystery: What Causes Wind Turbines to Wilt Like a Daisy?

With years of experience in the aerospace industry, Giles provides valuable insights into the production process. In his analysis, he highlights wind turbines as an excellent example of a frequently overlooked step in manufacturing that poses risks for companies involved in bonding, painting, coating, or cleaning. Through his expertise and demonstration, Giles sheds light on this crucial aspect that can impact any organization in these industries.

Photo and report sources:
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the National Center for Biotechnology Information

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