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Webinar: Critical Control Points

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Webinar: Critical Control Points

Hosted by Andy Reeher (Chief Executive Office, Brighton Science), this webinar discusses the concept of Critical Control Points (CCPs) that are present throughout every manufacturing process. The goal of CCPs is to prevent product failures and enhance overall product quality. This webinar focuses on the concepts of surface preparation and surface quality, which are crucial for successful bonding, coating, and sealing.

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Key takeaways include:

  • Role of CCPs: Emphasized the significance of CCPs in monitoring vulnerable stages of the production process to avert defects and uphold product quality.
  • Surface Readiness: Detailed examination of surface energy's impact on material bonding, stressing the need for accurate measurement and prompt treatment applications.
  • Quality Control Enhancements: Demonstrated how CCPs facilitate the establishment of specific cleanliness standards, thus improving operational efficiency and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Data Utilization for Improvements: Showcased how data from CCP monitoring enables companies to make strategic enhancements in their manufacturing processes and product quality.

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