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Webinar Series Part 2: Introducing Surface Intelligence

Part 2: Surface Preparation of Metals and Plastics

In this second episode of Introducing Surface Intelligence, Dr. Giles Dillingham discusses the topic of surface preparation when it comes to metals and plastics. Before you watch the webinar, ask yourself this question: "How do I actually analyze each surface?"

If you haven't already, watch Part 1 of this series, "Surface Energy and the Chemistry of Adhesion."

Topics covered in part 2 of this webinar series: 

  • Overall goals of surface preparation for bonding: metals and polymers
  • Surface treatment of polymers for adhesion: thermoplastics, thermosets, and oxidative treatments
  • Primers for enhancing polymer bonding
  • Surface engineering of metals for adhesion

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Part 3: Surface Analysis for Adhesion

Learn how surface measurements for design, control, and troubleshooting surface and interface-sensitive can better improve your manufacturing processes.