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Surface science applied to the real world. Your world.

Whether you’re troubleshooting on the production line or designing a breakthrough product in R&D…

Whether you’re tasked with meeting regulatory requirements or increasing throughput…

Whether you’re specifying new materials or trying to identify the root cause of an adhesion or bonding failure…

Brighton Science is your partner in improved performance.

For more than 20 years, we’ve lived at the interface of materials, where surface quality and integrity can make or break a product—or a company. Our expertise can be applied to a wide range of adhesion and cleaning issues that lead to recalls, scrap and new product delays and plague production. We can help.


Adhesion and bonding issues happen all the time. Yet the root cause of these failures continues to be misunderstood. Our analytic tools and insight will help you accurately diagnose — and resolve — these frustrating failures.


Adhesion Failure Analysis

Are you stymied trying to figure out exactly what’s wrong? We’re experts at analyzing and diagnosing the root cause of adhesion failures, enabling you to fix issues quickly, right onsite.


After identifying your critical control points, we help you ensure that surfaces for bonding, coating, sealing, painting, or printing are 100% ready for adhesion, eliminating the risk of failure.


New Product Development

Want to increase your odds of a timely, successful product launch? We partner proactively with product development teams to ensure foolproof adhesion—minimizing delays and recalls.


Materials & Surface Optimization

Want to minimize risks and set your program up for success? We can advise you on the proper cleaning and preparation processes that will dramatically improve your adhesion results.


We help you define optimal surface preparation processes, identify potential surface contamination sources and create an ongoing plan to monitor the data to ensure consistent quality.


Manufacturing Process Improvement

Need more consistency and fewer surprises? We can identify your Critical Control Points and help implement the inspections and data collection necessary to enable continuous improvement.

What our customers are saying

“Using the Surface Analyst as a production problem-solving tool—versus dyne pens, which are more crude—was probably the fastest ROI on any piece of equipment... in the last half decade.”
Ryan Chai, Director of Flexible Packaging

Brighton Science is the global leader in surface intelligence.

Tell us your goals or challenges and we can advise you on specific solutions you can put to work immediately or build into your optimization processes.

What could this mean for you?