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Introducing Kyle Fossen, Brighton Science’s New Vice President of Sales and Chief Revenue Officer

Brighton Science has welcomed Kyle Fossen as the Vice President of Sales and Chief Revenue Officer.

Kyle has been working in the sales sector for about 15 years and has spent a majority of them working within Software as a Service solution-based companies, like WebEquity, Reeher, LLC, and Recast.  

“Software has really been the common theme for my career,” he comments.  

He is thrilled to work on this new venture with Brighton Science because of the software, but, “...this incredible technology and Surface Intelligence that we’ve developed and perfected over the years and the incredible people [at Brighton Science], combining those two things creates an opportunity that’s really exciting.” 

Kyle has a keen ability to merge the gap between sales representatives and manufacturing managers to answer this question, “Can Brighton Science help solve the problem you’re facing?” For most manufacturers, they’ll have multiple teams working in a variety of plants in countries all around the world speaking multiple languages – but how do you bridge that language gap? Kyle believes BConnect is the answer manufacturers have been hoping for.

“BConnect helps in that way by providing data to promote company growth. The data can then be used to provide a common language to unlock surface intelligence and weave it throughout the lab, the company, and the plants. The biggest value proposition we offer for manufactures using BConnect is that it brings a common language that wasn’t previously available, which opens up doors for even more innovation and higher levels of quality in their products.”

Kyle Fossen, Vice President of Sales & Chief Revenue Officer, Brighton Science

With more than five years working on an executive team, Kyle is no stranger to leading by example. His main goal? Positively impacting the companies Brighton Science partner’s with to give them a competitive advantage, while also positively impacting internal teammates the opportunities for growth. He believes in investing internally, which turns into growth externally.

As for his goals while working at Brighton Science, Kyle says, “I’m super excited to join the team. The talent here at Brighton Science is some of the best I’ve ever seen! But the technology and opportunity are untapped … I’m excited to help unlock surface intelligence for new companies through data and new software and kick start the growth that Brighton Science so badly deserves.” 

For the dedicated husband and father of three kids under the age of 10, Kyle says at the end of the day, that’s his first job.

“I couldn’t do this without them and their support," Kyle continues, "They help me get up every single day and provide the same growth and impact that’s out there [for manufacturers] for me as well.”

Kyle Fossen
Kyle Fossen
Vice President of Sales and Chief Revenue Officer

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