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The Surface Analyst™ 5001 — Brighton Science's Smart Data Solution

Cincinnati, OH––Brighton Science (formerly BTG Labs), the industry leader in industrial cleaning, surface treatment, and adhesion process control, is proud to announce the new Surface Analyst 5001™. Building on the success of earlier models, the Surface Analyst 5001 ushers in a new age of smart analytics for quantifying material surface quality. In addition to validating surface cleanliness and precisely inspecting the readiness of surfaces for adhesion, the Surface Analyst 5001 equips manufacturers with the analytics businesses need to reliably predict whether cleaning processes and adhesion will be successful.

“IoT is eliminating silos both on the factory floor and throughout the manufacturing supply chain. With the proliferation of smart technologies, including production floors equipped with sensors and Wi-Fi, intelligent factories have become the norm.”, said Dr. Giles Dillingham, Founder, and Chief Scientist of Brighton Science. “The powerful analytics packed into each Surface Analyst 5001 unit allows users to leverage the collective expertise of Brighton Science expert materials scientists, engineers, and technicians.”

surface-analyst-5001-measuring-roughness-tool-socialThe Surface Analyst 5001 provides access to data that allows surface cleanliness and adhesion to be measurable and predictable throughout the entire product lifecycle—from product design, process design, industrialization, and manufacturing. Using the Surface Analyst 5001, design teams are armed with new intelligence that will help them control cleanliness and adhesion risks.

Get hands-on with your surface cleanliness with the Surface Analyst 5001.

Advanced functionalities of the Surface Analyst 5001 include:

  • Automatic and streamlined data capture provides statistical process control and long-term trend analysis that monitors process drift
  • Completely nondestructive testing eliminates contamination risks during testing and can be used directly on manufactured parts and surfaces
  • Precision contact angle measurements that are scientifically proven to correlate to surface energy, the key indicator of surface readiness for adhesion
  • Designed specifically for manufacturing, the handheld device is used to identify contamination and improperly prepared surfaces near to action on the production line
  • Multiple access points to device controls including on the unit’s body or on the flexible inspection head
  • Extended controls available in the Universal Inspection Head provide buttons, status lights, and audible feedback. These extended controls and feedback features enable users to conduct one-handed inspections.
  • The new, wearable Surface Analyst Sling provides a convenient, hands-free method for housing the Surface Analyst 5001. It enables users to have greater agility and freedom of movement while they conduct their one-handed inspections.
  • The Surface Analyst 5001’s innovative design provides unprecedented contact angle measurement accuracy on real-world surfaces that have complex geometries and are in unpredictable manufacturing environments.

surface-analyst-5001-universal-inspection-head-status-lights-auto-part“Our customers are extraordinarily busy people faced with ongoing daily challenges. They need reliable, predictable processes that enable them to keep production lines running on schedule, with minimal waste and zero defects.”, said Mike Geren, Product Manager at Brighton Science. “The ease-of-use of Surface Analyst 5001 literally puts the power of data at users’ fingertips. Shared data enables teams to remotely analyze everything from incoming material from suppliers, verifying plasma and cleaning processes, or measuring the effect of product handling and storage.’

Brighton Science is a Materials Science-based technology company focused on ensuring reliable, zero-defect manufacturing outcomes to reduce the cost of production and increase confidence in surface critical processes. The Surface Analyst technology is widely used in the aerospace, automotive, electronic, medical device, consumer product, and flexible film industries, as well as in a wide range of manufacturing and assembly operations. 

To learn more about the Surface Analyst 5001, visit the product page. To request a quote, contact us here.

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