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Plasma Treatment Station with Automated, Inline Validation - The Surface Analyst XA

Automating the world's most powerful and reliable surface quality inspection technology has opened the doors for exciting collaborations. Our partners at PVA have integrated surface cleanliness measurement via the Surface Analyst XA, before and after using Plasmatreat's atmospheric plasma system, into their conformal coating process. Measuring before and after surface treatment is the only way to control the cleaning process and ensure the coating or adhesive bonding will be successful.

Establishing a baseline of cleanliness before treatment and then measuring the degree of change to the surface after treatment gives you clear data about how effective your surface preparation will be once it's time to apply the coating.

It works by affixing a number to the surface that correlates to its chemical cleanliness. Brighton Science works with manufacturers to understand what the ideal number or range of numbers needs to be for optimal adhesion. Then the Surface Analyst XA delivers a number revealing how close the surface is to that ideal state of cleanliness.

In the video below, you can see that when the Surface Analyst XA takes a measurement before and after plasma treatment, a number is displayed on the screen. If the number has been sufficiently changed to meet the prescribed tolerances for perfect coating adhesion, then the process can continue, and the coating will be applied with confidence.

Watch the video below to see how fast and easily the Surface Analyst XA validates surface quality to build the most predictable adhesion processes ever.


It’s fast. It’s accurate. It’s non-destructive. It’s the Automated Surface Analyst.