Case Studies
Topic: Surface Preparation & Treatment

2 minute read

Identification of a Non-Obvious Contaminant on Polymer Film

A major packaging company was having intermittent problems heat sealing a film used to package paper products. Dyne pens, used to measure surface energy, showed no differences between a “good” film, one that heat sealed appropriately, and a “bad” film, one that did seal correctly.


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2 minute read

Verifying Plasma Treatment on Medical Tubing Prior to Coating

Medical device manufacturing is a serious business. It’s a business that directly affects a person’s health and well-being. When a product operates so intimately with human life, there is no room for failure. The final product must be reliable and top-of-the-line to address patients’ needs...


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1 minute read

Determining the Sweet Spot of Flame Treatment in Automotive Interior Parts

In 2014, a large manufacturer of automotive exteriors and interiors encountered a problem consistently adhering paint to their dashboards due to inappropriate use of their flame treatment.


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