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Contact Angle Comparison Study Featuring the Surface Analyst™

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Surface Cleanliness Gauge Comparison

As part of its development, BTG Lab's Surface Analyst™ has undergone countless studies to demonstrate its effectiveness as a surface cleanliness gauge. In a recent gauge-to-gauge comparison between the Surface Analyst and a competitor’s surface cleanliness gauge, the Surface Analyst’s results showed superior accuracy, consistency, and usability. The study compares the two gauges against each other for repeatability and reproducibility, and places their results against the control—a contact angle goniometer—as a way to test accuracy and precision. Set against the competition, the Surface Analyst produced better equipment variation and appraiser variation. In appraiser consistency, BTG showed a 110% better slope than the competition.

Overall Results 

Against the Goniometer, BTG revealed a closer correlation to the accepted values, proving its superior accuracy and precision in comparison to the competition. The summary also clearly indicates the Surface Analyst is singularly portable, multi-directional, accurate, user friendly, precise, efficient, reliable, and versatile.