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BTG Labs evolves capabilities, leadership and name to become Brighton Science—bringing unmatched expertise to the emerging field of Surface Intelligence.

BTG Labs, a company that has spent the past 20 years solving critical adhesion issues and developing the world’s first surface inspection technology for leading manufacturers, has evolved its capabilities, leadership and name to become Brighton Science.

Taking BTG Labs' core strengths and assets to the next level with a new CEO and strategic plan, Brighton Science has established itself as the global leader in Surface Intelligence: combining surface science with analytics and data to help manufacturers more effectively solve and prevent bonding and adhesion issues and control material quality and performance.

BTG Labs founder Giles Dillingham explained the path forward. “With our proven tools and expertise—and new analytic capabilities—we’re offering our customers an unprecedented level of visibility and data.” He continued, “Bringing in Andy Reeher, a seasoned technology entrepreneur, to lead this organization to its next level of growth means we’ve stepped up our game and outgrown our old name.” Dillingham will continue as Chief Science Officer and lead the company’s Surface Intelligence Lab.

Andy Reeher, Brighton Science CEO, commented, “This company has an enviable reputation and a world-class roster of customers who are pacesetters in their respective industries. We’re committed to supporting their need for more predictability and certainty as they develop breakthrough products—and to orienting our entire organization around their success.”

To support the rapid growth that Brighton is projecting, CFO Tom Perazzo has assessed emerging trends in the manufacturing space. “Whether it’s a massive airship or a minute medical device, leading manufacturers are utilizing revolutionary new materials that require new methods to ensure infallible processes for cleaning, surface treatment, and adhesion: this is surface engineering. The stakes are high, and failures are visible and costly. We can provide certainty.”

Founded in 2000, Brighton Science is the global leader in Surface Intelligence. With two decades of scientific and engineering expertise in surface engineering and adhesion and a versatile suite of high-precision handheld, automated, and inline diagnostic tools, Brighton Science brings visibility, data, and insight to the most demanding manufacturers in the world. Serving customers in electronics, medical devices, the automotive industry, aerospace, and consumer goods, Brighton Science provides mission-critical decision information and a powerful competitive advantage.

Rethink your adhesion manufacturing processes with Surface Intelligence.

Discover how Brighton Science will better help you SOLVE, PREVENT, and CONTROL adhesion issues that can plague product development and production.

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predictable adhesion in manufacturing through process verification